Video: Kanye West f. Pusha T, “Runaway” Live on the VMAs & MP3

Last night Yeezy debuted a new track on the VMAs, a performance featuring a sanguine formal suit (Rosewood to the max), newly signed G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T, and a bunch of ballerinas voguing in a 1992 style. It looked like a My Chemical Romance video, and the track similarly took a page from the emo songbook, with ‘Ye basically admitting that he’s a dickweed over a turgid backdrop of piano and forceful rhythms. However, unlike all those emo rock tropes, he doesn’t expect the people around him to just suck it up and live with it, singing the ultimate warning: girl I got a plan/ runaway fast as you can. No problem dude! Except the metatext is that we won’t, because he’s too charming in his douchebaggery—which is a big fucking problem if you’re trying to date him, but a fascinating trait for a pop genius whose music continually transforms the culture. You can never accuse him of insincerity. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wrote a song about Kanye RE: last year’s VMA interruption that managed to be both condescending and infantilizing, so chew on that how you will. Good ass job, Yeezy.

Download: Kanye West f. Pusha T, “Runaway” (Live at the VMAs) (via Miss Info)

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