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Premiere: CFCF, Do U Like Night Bus? Mix

We've lived with this mix for a couple weeks now. At one point we drove around on this weird island in a pickup truck listening to it in the early evening, which was as close to perfect as things could possibly be. Before that, we caught an awesome, game changing DJ set from CFCF at PS1 in the middle of the summer. He slowed down a bunch of songs we already loved, and not in the amateurish I-just-threw-this-song-into-my-free-audio-program-and-fucked-around-for-20-minutes way either. We could imagine this mix as a zeitgeist as far as what might happen in music in certain circles in the next 365 days aka people are probably gonna be REAL INTO slowing shit down and kind of already are. Even if that never happens, it doesn't matter. Put this on and feel all your worries melt away. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: CFCF, Do U Like Night Bus? Mix

01 intro
02 aaliyah - 4 page letter (remix)
03 trap or die/aguirre/go/push upstairs suite
04 kingdom - pathfinder
05 instra:mental - watching you
06 dj nate - ima burn him (screw)
07 ciara - ride (nightbus remix)
08 the-dream - make up bag (screw)
09 prgz - rollin (dj ayres remix)
10 bun b - draped up (remix)

Premiere: CFCF, Do U Like Night Bus? Mix