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Lil Wayne f. Drake, "Gonorrhea" MP3

Well, there goes the theory that Lil Wayne's been practicing spoken word in the pokey. With "Gonorrhea," Weezy attains a higher level of 14-year-old dis, combining a taunt common among grade schoolers with an ick factor straight from first-year sex ed classes. Wait, are they allowed to teach sex ed in public schools anymore? FYI, gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease you want to avoid for various reasons, not least of which being that Lil Wayne will no longer hang out with you. This is from the I'm Not a Human Being EP, out next week. The concept may be gross, but the song is kinda great, check it after the jump.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Drake, "Gonorrhea" (via Rap Radar)

Lil Wayne f. Drake, "Gonorrhea" MP3