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Stream: No Age's Album Everything in Between


As avowed New Yorkers, there's not much that would make a few of us FADER staffers want to move to Los Angeles. But we can safely say former FADER cover stars No Age consistently put up a good case for it: we'd almost relocate just so we could be around them all the time. Their new album, Everything in Between (out Sept 28 on Sub Pop), sounds like teenage heartbreak, adult angst, the struggle to be a good person in a world that can feel like shit, loose weekends, human ingenuity and, quite possibly, global warming ("Chem Trails")—all encased in a life-affirming fireball of guitar-noise and singalong jangle that transcends all of those strifely things. No Age, you are good ass dudes. Listen to the album at the Guardian now, but trust that you'll want a vinyl copy (assuming you're that dude) come next week.

Stream: No Age, Everything in Between (via P4K)

Stream: No Age's Album Everything in Between