Video Premiere: Cubic Zirconia, “Hoes Come Out at Night” & Night Slugs Test Pressing Giveaway

Not that we’re still mad about wasting six years of our lives on Lost or anything (cough), but Cubic Zirconia‘s Tiombe Lockhart being birthed fully formed from an adult female would have been a way better denouement. Build on the mystery, people! Anyway, thanks to the birth, on a bass rap track called “Hoes Come Out at Night,” Lockhart flips the script on the derisive term, connoting “ho” as fully alive female power as opposed to, like, hooker. This is the latest in CZ’s filmic flirtation with broadstroke mysticism and controversial tropes to deepen and underscore the futurism of their music, which in turn is couched in the raw force of Lockhart’s potent womanness. Whether channeling Josephine Baker or evoking Toni Morrison, she’s emerging as an awesome subversive force, and we’re psyched to see where this goes next. And just so you can further explore the meaning behind it all, we’re giving away a copy of the test pressing of this single—the group’s debut on venerable London label Night Slugs, featuring remixes by Ikonika, House of Blow and Burt Fox (check the tracklisting and preorder info after the jump). To enter, big up your favorite Cubic Zirconia song in the comments, and leave your proper email so we can contact you if you’ve won.

Cubic Zirconia, Hoes Come Out at Night
* 1. hoes come out at night
* 2. hoes come out at night (ikonika remix)
* 3. hoes come out at night (house of blow remix) f/ timmy wiggins
* 4. hoes come out at night (burt fox remix)

Hoes Come Out at Night / Night Slugs White Label (preorder)
A- Hoes come out at night (Ikonika remix)
B- Reclash (Bok Bok x Cubic Zirconia collab (exclusive to vinyl)

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  1. Boney James says:

    Hoes be out in the daytime too, you know. I seen em.

  2. Logan says:

    gotta say the Dam Funk remix of Fuck Work is pretty good. and also relevant at the moment

  3. Megan says:

    Shits dope

  4. Chris Appleton says:

    Fuck work is my favorite CZ song at the moment.

  5. Dave says:

    Love that Summertime demo from the spring sampler.

    That and DFAD. Although I’m definitely feeling Hoes right now.

  6. Robert says:

    I’m goin crazy over their Reclash collabo with bok bok. can’t wait for that to drop. as for released tracks, id have to go with their rmx on spoek’s “gwababa”

  7. voitl says:

    hard to choose my favorite song
    it’s either dam funk remix of fuck work or hoes come out at night

  8. Robert says:

    Josephine favorite tune :)

  9. Leub says:

    Fuck Work! but the new one is awesome as well

  10. Jake says:

    “Make Her Say” is sexy as hell, but this one is, too! Love me some Tiombe!

  11. Mike Lubey says:

    Going to go with the classic “Fuck Work” Hoes is legitttttt though

  12. Really feeling Hoes Come Out At Night & the Ikonika remix is just sooo pimp!