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Premiere Stream: Flight, The Lead Riders EP

photographer Alan Chin

There's a lot to say about Flight's new EP The Lead Riders, a swampy, thick record packed with warbled vocals and huge pop hooks. We could talk about how some of the songs on here were like all we listened to for a couple months (coughcough"RealEstate"coughcough), or how the entire EP is like a bitter love/hate letter written about being a teenager from a distance, capturing all the weirdness and insecurities and boredom that comes along with growing up and belting it out there through vocal filters and rickety, busted guitars. Basically, The Lead Riders has a preoccupation with the sun and wanting to change but never really quite getting there. Kind of a downer, sure, but not when it sounds this anthemic. Stream the entire thing below and check for a Gen F on Flight in the upcoming FADER #70, on stands and futuristic digital readers very soon. The Lead Riders is out today on Zoo Music.

The Lead Riders by ZOO MUSIC

Premiere Stream: Flight, The Lead Riders EP