Chris Brown f. Drake, Kanye West, TI, Fabolous & Andre 3000, “Deuces (RMX)” MP3


Still kinda can’t fuck with Chris Brown but you gotta hand it to the kid, he’s got a lotta pull with a lotta the world’s most important rappers (and yes we are including Fabolous in that statement). Best of all, they’re all being super emotional on “Deuces”‘ plinky piano—not that weird for Drake and Ye, Three Stacks too, but for Tip and Fab… actually no Fabolous is hella emo (and, according to a cursory Google image search, has never NOT been photographed sans deuces). We think Andre got to go last because no one wanted to follow his verse and, obviously, he bodies the track.

Download: Chris Brown f. Drake, Kanye West, TI, Fabolous & Andre 3000, “Deuces (RMX)” (via Rap Radar)

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  1. Azulita says:

    Andre disappointed on the track, actually. His flow was off, but the verse was okay. Drake, Kanye, Tip, and Loso did well though.

  2. fabfan says:

    fab and drake had the best verses hands down

  3. felipe says:

    dam wats wrong with andre ?

    i think they all kind of sucked in the track but yeah drake and fab last ye had the best rhymes

  4. Thumperton says:

    this is mediocre as fuuuccck… Andre & T.I. both disappointed something terrible, Fabby was half-decent half-corny as expected, Drake did alright but it feels like a different song, Ye did alright, but that unknown Kevin McCall dude still went harder than EVERYBODY by far.

    I’ma go back to listening to the original, when the dirty version leak I might blend Ye in instead of Tyga. til then I’m ignoring this mess…

  5. Thumperton says:

    & no, Fabby is in NO WAY AT ALL “one of the most important rappers”

    that sentence is embarrassing!

  6. SIMON says:



  7. Eastside 'Leiya says:

    I’m Not Even Impressed by This , #SMH ‘ They Could Have Done A lot Better – Andre: What The Heck Man ? Normally , His Flows Are Nice – Fab Was Alright ; Its Just Pointless To Me. Seems Like A Rushed Job – (in my opinion).