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Premiere: Wise Blood, "Solo (4 Claire)" MP3


This basically sounds like it was recorded with a broken piano in an old-timey saloon. It's kinda bluesy, and actually really dark. Which is not surprising, considering the dude took his name from—we assume—the Flannery O'Connor's book of the same name, and also relocated from Houston to Pittsburgh. No shots Pittsburgh! It's just—weird choice. Anyway, it's worth checking out, as is all the Wise Blood material. If you want to do the music nerd reference thing, the dude talks about how he really likes Slim Thug and Panda Bear in this interview. This sounds like neither of those things, but you can tell he's taking aesthetic cues from both if you listen hard enough. Wise Blood has a 7-inch coming out very soon on Transparent.

Download: Wise Blood, "Solo (4 Claire)"

Premiere: Wise Blood, "Solo (4 Claire)" MP3