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Rye Rye f. MIA, "Sunshine" MP3


We’ve been reading a book about riot grrls in the early '90s that makes a good argument for seriously loving your relationships with women and staying uncompromisingly pro-self and pro-female in whatever way makes sense to you. Through that lens this comes off to us like a gang rally tune for 21st century girls (like Rye Rye’s baby!). It’s bright, bossy, and bubbly but stands solid as fuck on a crispy clap line and some nonsense throbble. Like going almost jello on the treadmill but then beating back into it with a recommitted high knee, or dancing as nasty as you want to with your best lady and lady-loving dude friends. Rye Rye’s debut full length Go! Pop! Bang! is out in January.

Stream: Rye Rye f. MIA, "Sunshine" MP3 (via Stereogum)

Rye Rye f. MIA, "Sunshine" MP3