Video: Kanye West’s Balletic SNL Performance

EXALT HIM! Yeezy‘s clearly taking more from prog rock than King Crimson samples, adding to his movie repertoire a performance worthy of Peter Gabriel or that one dude who illustrated all of the Yes album covers. Against a backdrop of quasi-vogueing ballerinas in his now-signature, blood-red Rosewood uniform, for his performance on this week’s Saturday Night Live he cast himself as some kind of sanguine, fallen prince in a celestial otherworld, both a devil and a king with a bona fide (procul) harem. It was genius and unfaltering, despite awkward run-ins prior to the performance. Even still, the best part of “Runaway” (watch after the jump) was the emergence of Pusha T, who burst onto Yeezy’s pristine set as though he was crashing a high-class soiree for the free champers, then tore through his verse while Kanye did his cute little MPC dance (which looked like he was wrestling with it and/or trying to squash a bug). Art direction, let’s get it! (via Miss Info)

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    Awesomeness in rare form! Now I can’t wait for the album to come out!