Ghetto Palms 118: Deevani / TVB / Busy / Bunji / Skinny Fabulous

October 14, 2010

In every Ghetto Palms sector there are certain artists who are my go-to artists, the standard-bearers of the sound, always right at the cutlass-edge of their respective genres. These are them:

Fuego f. Deevani and Serani, “Que Buena Tu Ta” (Chosen Few remix)
The Very Best f. Mo Laudi, “Angonde” (remix)
Bunji Garlin, “Zoom Zoom” (Mass riddim)
Busy Signal, “Bend Ova” (Mass riddim)
Busy Signal, “Get Outta My Way” (Radical riddim)
Skinny Fabulous, “Duracell (Charged Up)”
Skinny Fabulous, “Cyar Stop We”

Busy, Serani and The Very Best are so consistently banging and so firmly in the Ghetto Palms wheelhouse I don’t even think they even need to be commented on at this point. Skinny Fabulous, on the other hand, has only established himself in the last year or so as the dude to know in the bananafied jump-up soca game, right alongside carnival queen Faye Ann Lyons. Bunji Garlin was already deyah as the credible dancehall/soca cross-over cat but he and Busy must have some sort of friendly inter-island competition going because he has likewise been killing it this year.

But the real news is this Fuego track featuring Deevani aka Adalgisa Ines Rooney-Saldana. If you don’t recognize the name, she is the sister of reggaeton producer Luny Tunes who also just happens to be an ill singer who is married to a Bangladeshi dude and speaks like five languages and sang the faux-Bollywood hooks on “Mirame” with Daddy Yankee and “Flow Natural” with Beenie Man and Tito El Bambino. She also co-runs the Mas Flow label with her brother and, after singlehandedly creating the Bolly-ton genre, she took a break for a while to handle business, raise a family and I don’t know, brain surgery maybe? Until now, that is, when she decided to up and singlehandedly invent the Merengue de India genre by bringing her filmi vocal styles to this gangster mambo track. For those of you keeping score in terms of DJ-chess, that’s India to Puerto Rico to Jamaica to Dominican Republic to Africa and back to Trinidad in the first three moves. King me.

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Ghetto Palms 118: Deevani / TVB / Busy / Bunji / Skinny Fabulous