Stream: Drake, “Fireworks (Deadboy Slo Mo House Edit)”


Been out since this summer, but Deadboy‘s edit of Drake and Alicia Keys’ Thank Me Later has been on heavy rotation the last week and we never tossed it up here, so thought worth sharing. L8 pass 4ever, whatever. NEway, spurred by the seeming perfection of Deadboy’s Bouncer’s Dream mix, we’ve gone into a Deadboy bunker with this edit as the absolute brutal cherry on top. Known for his extreme attraction to willowy R&B vocals, “Fireworks” is almost too meaty a palette for Deadboy, but he discards almost everything but the song’s initial lyric, Money just changed (cutting the everything) and Keys’ straightforward, All I see is fireworks, sped them up old school Kanye style and totally drowned them in extra sad fuzz. The piano is too real. Every night is fireworks? Who knew that could be such a bummer. This is getting pressed up on a 12-inch for Well Rounded Records’ Cash Antics Vol. 2, will be good to hear in a club after we, like, commit suicide or something.

Stream: Drake, “Fireworks (Deadboy Slo Mo House Edit)”

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