Video: Real Estate w/ Bradford Cox, “Mind Games” (John Lennon Cover)

Normally it doesn’t make sense to post a live video unless it was shot in HD, 3D or with those IMAX cameras Christopher Nolan is always mumbling on about. But, it would also be counter-intuitive and maybe even confusing to take in any Real Estate without some measure of blur. This FlipCam’d live clip from their show this past weekend at Slim’s in San Francisco finds our close friend Bradford Cox leading them in a loose, fly-unzipped cover of John Lennon’s “Mind Games,” lone single from his 1973 album of the same name. Things to look forward to as you watch: Bradford jumps. Bradford Cox climbs that pole that unfortunately bisects the frame. Bradford Cox screams “FUCK REAL ESTATE” as part of an anti-corporate screed in the coda. Bradford Cox makes you laugh! :/

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