Video: Alex Clare, “Up All Night”

Diplo and Switch produced this first single by British singer Alex Clare—as we said when posted the stream last month—and it has the feel of a serious follow through of their punk desires teased with the beat for “Hold the Line”. That song sampled Black Flag, and while Clare is no raucous Rollins, he’s got a sweet aggression. Ariel Rechtshaid of Foreign Born and (who also produced the Glasser album), lent an additional hand on this, perhaps smoothing out the edges. The record was recorded in New Orleans, about which Clare has to say: “We recorded ‘Up All Night’ on Feburary 16th, Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It was in the evening as the parties were winding down at the end of a very long, fun and rather mad week. New Orleans is a place I always wanted to record. Snook Eaglin and Dr John are big influences.” Hey England, does this get played on the radio? It should.

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