TI f. Eminem, “All She Wrote” MP3

No Mercy

Weird how Eminem and TI teaming up for an introspective song sounds like underground rap and/or Deliverance-era Bubba Sparxxx. Actually though, that’s been Eminem’s lane since he’s returned, which is funny because what if dude spent his downtime listening to Bubba Sparxxx and thinking about how it’s probably not exciting for him to rap about teen celebrities anymore? THE CYCLE CONTINUES. Both dudes rap their asses off on this track.

Download: TI f. Eminem, “All She Wrote” (via Nah Right)

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  2. w3ll$ says:

    T.I. is awesome but Em is fuckin INSANE!!!!!

  3. Hunter says:

    If you’re going to ask Em to featuring a song with you, then you should be okay with it becoming HIS song featuring you. I mean, I think T.I. is a good lyricist, but Em is out of this world.

  4. Ess says:

    they both killed it in they own way. caint nobody fuck wit tip or slim!

  5. J dub says:

    em’s two verses give me chills, mother fucker is back

  6. Danny BoY says:

    this song hella chill bro…….nd yeah they both got off….but gotta give it to Eminem……

  7. Pretty ignorant statement because Eminem always had underground “serious” tracks…he raps about stupid sh*t like Hollywood celebs & teenage pop stars for his pop hits…successful rappers learn to put-out both street & pop -true artists.