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Drake Still Wants to Marry Nicki So They Can Stay In This Success "Moment 4 Life" MP3

photographer Dorothy Hong

In his super acclaimed soft science book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talks about factors that contribute to success, eventually concluding that stand out people like Bill Gates are not so much special as just pulled up by universal forces, being born in the right place and time with the right people. Then they put in time and hard work. On "Moment 4 Life" our favorite nu-Madonna Laguardia Highschool alum admits she's not lucky, just blessed to have been born in Queens, where her sweat hours could blossom. You don't become the heavyweight champion alone, and Nicki graciously credits her brink-of-greatness status to Young Money, southside Jamaica, and her haters. Drake's been bolstered and moved up top, too. And with all that network, in just a short while GQ's newest Man of the Year has twerked America's idea of a king. Remember in the "Miss Me" video when Drake is alone on the mini platform runway, purple lit and punching the air singing that he wants to marry Nicki Minaj because her jeans are fitted? Here are some more bouquet jokes. With some "Late Registration'-era type keyboard tinkle and soft Nintendo bleeping, the happy couple rocket this ballad into an iTunes library mainstay you'll want to keep around for when you finish the marathon you trained three years for, PROM, or landing the job you thought you wanted when you were four. Thanks for all the good sense, Barbz.

Download: Nicki Minaj f.Drake, "Moment 4 Life"

Drake Still Wants to Marry Nicki So They Can Stay In This Success "Moment 4 Life" MP3