Keri Hilson f. Kanye West, “Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)” MP3

Photographer Anna Bauer
November 24, 2010

Keri says she is so fly it's scary, that people want to marry her but she is going to bury them if they try. There was a moment, around the last time her and Kanye hopped on a hit together, that we would have disagreed cause she seemed too sweet to get crazy, just a more-mature former songwriter who knew better. But now she has cardio-kickboxed or weightlifted or whatever routine is working for the peach/dime and we think she should absolutely not get married and instead keep working toward the kind of bionic, potentially disorienting womanhood that can repel or neutralize Kanye level dude-itude (He calls out the only two types of very pretty girls he can think of, Atlanta college type caramel honeys and Swedish snow bunnies). Actually, all the fake sexy sigh's and derrie, AIR's in this song are setting our tummy off a little but our pretty girl baby cousins are right here at the breakfast table with us and they are COSIGNING.

Download: Keri Hilson f. Kanye West, "Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)"

Posted: November 24, 2010
Keri Hilson f. Kanye West, “Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)” MP3