Video: The Clipse f. Pharrell and Kenna, “Life Change”

If you’re wondering why this Clipse video is coming out now, it’s because, in all the Pusha hubub, Malice would like to remind you that a)he exists and b)he has a pretty dark sounding book called Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. “Life Change” is a pretty serious song. It’s about the ramifications on your family and your own mind when you go to prison—something that both Pusha and Malice excel at rapping about. We do have to question Pharrell’s involvement though. He seems almost joyful to be in this video. Not the right forum to look stoked and vaguely on top of the world, dude!

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  1. Gideon Stride says:

    naw that’s a perfect video, Showboat P’s triumphant exuberance is part of it. it’s a melancholic real ass song, but it’s also triumphant & proud of the change.

  2. Shahan Jafri says:

    Thanks Gideon, I was going to say the same thing….and thank you Fader for posting the video that we made. I assure you Malice is def going to bring some magic with his book and P isnt showboating lol, he is stressing not to fall through the traps. Below is the link to a fresher looking version that I put up.