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Raekwon, "Butter Knives" MP3

We've said it before, but MAN, most of the Wu dudes know exactly what their fans want and we sincerely hope it is not a bummer for them to make music that recalls their best early work. "Butter Knives" is a new single from Raekwon, it's going to be on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, which, if all goes according to our hopes and dreams, will be as enjoyable as OB4CLII. Which brings up another point, what are we going to do with all those dubious Wu albums from the "dark period?" When will Immobilarity and The Lex Diamond Story get their proper due on Wikipedia and not just be labeled as "Post Cuban Linx?" Maybe never (or maybe just when someone goes in and edits the Wikipedia page. We call not it). Whatever the case, "Butter Knives," sounds like the new old Raekwon.

Download: Raekwon, "Butter Knives" (via Nah Right)

Raekwon, "Butter Knives" MP3