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Yo Gotti f. Ciara, "We Can Get It On" MP3

Here's the cleaned up version of Yo Gotti's "We Can Get It On", a Memphis lullaby and declaration of his willingness to lunch break love you and buy presents when it's not even your birthday. The Drumma Boy beat sounds as fizzy, expectant, and delicious as a carbonated rosé tastes. A dry, classy one! This is not Gotti as hood historian just a guy who doesn't really date, but proposes ya'll celebrate the kind of good love where the leg shaking is mutual anyway. Gotti's examples of that kind of sustaining partnership are Puff and Kim, Michelle, Barack and Jada and Will. He mentions Slick Willy and his lady The United States Secretary of State, but they are relegated to "maybe", not definite cherish-status. Probably for the best.

Download: Yo Gotti f. Ciara "We Can Get It On" (via Traps N Trunks)

Yo Gotti f. Ciara, "We Can Get It On" MP3