Video: Fabolous, “You Be Killin Em”

When Fabolous is on, he’s really on. Rapping about whatever in a disaffected way like he’s some asshole in the back of a class who constantly makes snide comments that are actually kind of funny the more you think about them. He does that here, paired with an old-timey video that is weirdly a little too slick. Expensive fur coats on Amber Rose, a sniper, splashes of color. If only this was as close to a love song as Fab ever got.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    Um, I’ve always enjoyed Fabolous’ delivery and wordplay, but for some reason I haven’t really liked anything for awhile other than “Breathe” (back in the day), and the “Remix – Throw It In the Bag”. This song is cool, but I’d pass and wait for another one.