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Lil Wayne f. Cory Gunz, "6' 7" " MP3

Who cares that this is a radio rip or that he's still recycling those "A Milli" drums? We're sure there are people out there worrying that Wayne wouldn't be able to keep his momentum going after his stint in prison, worry no more! Wayne goes off here—doing that thing where it sounds like he might possibly rap forever but then Cory Gunz comes in and also goes fucking nuts. Lots of pure rapping on here, which could mean many things for The Carter IV. There are minimal Funk Flex drops on here so you might as well treat it like a legit MP3 and not just a radio rip.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Cory Gunz, "6' 7" "(via Nah Right)

Lil Wayne f. Cory Gunz, "6' 7" " MP3