Celebrating Basic Instinct: Ciara’s 2010

December 15, 2010

Ciara! It's not your fault that your album was pushed back by the label over and over, and we know you've been working hard for like two years straight, but what's up? We love you but why is your Basic Instinct filled with tracks that enthralled and scandalized us back in April? "Ride" was hot, the video guaranteed to create some scandal and we kind of peaked for Speechless. When the DJ's got to you, a couple of remixes stayed on repeat for hours. But how does any of that that help us now?

You've never been an album artist, really, more just a sprawled out string of moments, good videos, and constant reinvention, but this is next level. Why have so many major label albums become Greatest Hits of the Blogosphere collections? We want to celebrate this album like fireworks, because we legitimately love you, really love you, but a retrospective of your 2010 is simply not an event. We need something more.

Alas, we're going to try to stay glass-half-full with you because you're special: maybe, Ciara, your promotional confusion is what makes you so valuable to us and you don't even need the Billboard charts. Your songs sound like #1 stunners to us, all catchy bombast and confidence, even though they never go #1 on the charts. Maybe you're just destined to be a more intimate hit machine than Beyonce and Rihanna ever could. So instead of whining and moping to close out the year, we'll hope for the future by watching your performance on Ellen this morning that proves, easily, you're still one of the most valuable diva's we've got, even if you'll never reach the top, and we'll keep the faith. Check out the video after the jump.

Posted: December 15, 2010
Celebrating Basic Instinct: Ciara’s 2010