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Why is Daphne Guinness in a Wise Blood Video? + "Loud Mouths" MP3

Daphne Guinness is super rich and super famous. And apparently also a Wise Blood fan. We caught Wise Blood during CMJ and it was something else but that else was definitely not that first thing that pops to mind when thinking of "extreme couture." But Guinness is an odd, wonderful bird—as Vanessa Griogoriadis lovingly profiled—and game for basically whatever, like walking up stairs and lolling in bed. Which is cool but mostly, why?! We asked video director David Parker, his explanation for how the matriarch of weirdos ended up in the "B.I.G. E.G.O." video after the jump. Bonus: grab Wise Blood's MP3 for "Loud Mouths."

"I spent ten years working as a visual effects artist and supervisor in NY, LA and London. Thats how I meet carlos (co-director and DP). I meet Daphne when i was approached to do a short film for her called Mnemosyne to promote her new fragrance a year ago. Carlos was the DP for this as well cementing our relationship as a creative team. Daphne and i hit it off and have become friends with similar minds and creative aesthetics so when i approached her with this she was anxious to help."

Why is Daphne Guinness in a Wise Blood Video? + "Loud Mouths" MP3