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Nguzunguzu, "Mirage (Jim-E Stack Mix)" MP3

Jim-E Stack mix's of NGUZUNGUZU's "Mirage" turns the jam into a mythic call-and-response, a lady siren opening the track with a repetitive sample that conjures right into a deep blue chasm. She's met a minute and a half into the song by a pre-historic hulk of a voice, perhaps the dude she's trying to seduce. He seems hesitant, a stagnant grunt in contrast with her ethereal flow. But while the sirens of Greek myth lured men to their death, there's no fear here, because this lady most certainly wants to take him somewhere higher and happier than that. Go forth, and be merry. (via Mad Decent)

Download: NGUZUNGUZU, "Mirage" (Jim-E Stack Mix)

Nguzunguzu, "Mirage (Jim-E Stack Mix)" MP3