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New Tumblr Has 52 Pages Of Just Backpacks

It should already be apparent to you as a FADER reader that we like backpacks a lot. Seriously, if we could just blog about backpacks all day we probably would. But we can't. There's just too many other important things out there that need our journalistic attention, like cats, Janet Jackson, and sweatpants. Thankfully, there is somebody else showing backpacks 24/7 love. Backpack Block Party just blew our minds this morning with 52 pages of backpacks only. Backpacks with babies in them, backpacks made for children and worn by adults, backpacks that look like dinosaurs. Seriously, so many BPs—from Hello Kitty to Lacoste—everyone is welcome! We will waste sooooooo much time on this web site, but in case you don't have a million hours to kill, we compiled a group of our favorites. Check them out after the jump.

New Tumblr Has 52 Pages Of Just Backpacks