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Calm Down, Your Zodiac Sign Did Not Change

Y'all need to calm down. We knew that yesterday's zodiac switch meme news was bogus all along. Turns out there's two zodiacs, always has been, and the one that most of us adhere to hasn't changed. But the larger issue is how many of you were so quick to believe your sign changed with the drop of a hat. We know in the cells of our soul that we are unshakably the sign we've always thought we were. We don't even need the chart anymore, so embedded in our aura is that belief. You know who else wasn't fazed? Big Boi:

Astrology has been around longer than dot coms! Stay true to your sign. But in case you don't trust us or Big Boi, astrology guru Susan Miller has been tweeting up a storm discounting the new zodiac system and has some practical advice to check for yourself:

Calm Down, Your Zodiac Sign Did Not Change