Video: Birdman f. Lil Wayne, “Fire Flame (Remix)”

Not at all surprised that Wayne has been on a tear since his release. Dude probably had all sorts of weird shit building up in his head and is just trying to get it all out there however he can. Here he is in some second wave ska looking pants completely destroying the track with the kind of sharp, schizophrenic verse he largely abandoned in the months leading up to his prison stint. Also, props to everyone involved for making a low-budget video seem pretty over the top. We can still tell that’s a parking garage with randomly placed barrel fires, dogs.

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  1. _blk says:

    Gil Green set the bar with this video – flawless editing and impeccable skill

    $130k+ low budget for a remix video??

    Go back to sleep Sam Hockley WhiteBoy Smith

    It’s a wonder why they keep you writing on TheFader with some of the pathetic shit you come out with.

  2. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    wow dude