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Stream Cut Copy's New Album Zonoscope


In one of those crazy/clever internet 2.whatever promotional deals, Cut Copy are letting you listen to their new record in exchange for a tweet about how you are about to listen to their new record. It's not much work, they write it for you. Only daunting part is that there's some crazy thing at the beginning that is worded in a way that makes it seem like the dudes in Cut Copy are going to log into your account and steal your identity and tweet as you whenever they want. Which would actually be sweet, because then all our friends would start asking us when our lives got so wild and we started traveling so much. In conclusion: go for it, dogs. But yeah, the record. Feels like Cut Copy toned down the whole anthemic aspect of their music, in favor of making more subtly emotional dance music. Like Cher. Right? No? Not that far off, admit it! That's actually not a diss, Cher's just the first person that came to mind when we thought about dance music that made us feel emotions. Never the most sonically adventurous band (that's okay), Cut Copy instead burrow further into the Cut Copy wormhole, which you could also call The Talking Heads wormhole (see: "Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution"). All-ages dance party with Cut Copy at some festival here we come! We'd tweet about it, but those dudes have it on lock for us.

Stream: Cut Copy's new album Zonoscope

Stream Cut Copy's New Album Zonoscope