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Video: How to Dress Well, "Suicide Dream" and "Suicide Dream 2"

Listening to How to Dress Well in the middle of the day is a weird experience. There are too many distractions and it's too unavoidably light out, so we'd actually recommend watching this pair of videos when you get home, after you've eaten dinner and brushed your teeth (please brush your teeth) and are in bed. Also, just FYI you will probably get bummed out, but that's okay. The videos are both pretty minimal works by Jamie Harley and probably couldn't exist anywhere but the internet, but imagine if they did. Flipping around MTV late at night and catching them both in succession would be a pretty bizarre and haunting experience, kind of like a less aggressive version of this one time when we fell asleep and woke up to an entire live broadcast Sevendust concert on a non-cable channel for no discernible reason. The late-'90s were bizarre. How to Dress Well's Love Remains is out right now on Tri Angle.

Video: How to Dress Well, "Suicide Dream" and "Suicide Dream 2"