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How To Dress Well Shares Hidden Track from “What Is This Heart?” Deluxe Edition

Die-hard fans of How To Dress Well have likely already heard “Let U Know,” one of two tracks that accompany the deluxe version of Tom Krell’s latest emotionally-charged album, “What Is This Heart?” For anyone … read more »

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how to dress well

Watch the Baffling Ending to How To Dress Well’s Video Series

Over the course of videos for “Repeat Pleasure” and “Face Again,” How To Dress Well and director Johannes Greve Muskat have established a vague narrative arc involving a young couple in the desert. Today, they’ve … read more »

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Stream How To Dress Well’s “What Is This Heart?” LP

In the current issue of The FADER, we selected Tom Krell bka How To Dress Well for our “Sirens of Summer” feature which highlighs a few of the season’s most gifted singers. His voice definitely … read more »

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Sirens of Summer: Jhené Aiko, Mila J, HTDW and Tinashe Share Their Singing Secrets

From the magazine: ISSUE 92, June/July 2014 Whether you’re wiling away the afternoon at a rooftop BBQ, cooling off at the beach or looking to soundtrack that once-in-a-lifetime weekend fling, summer is prime time for … read more »

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Watch the Second Installment of How To Dress Well’s What Is The Heart Series, “Face Again”

“Face Again,” the second installment in the trilogy of What Is The Heart videos Johannes Greve Muskat is directing for How To Dress Well, picks up where the sad and sweet “Repeat Pleasure” video left … read more »

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Stream How to Dress Well’s “No Words to Say: Songs for What Is This Heart?” Mix

Lot of changes over the years at The FADER, no question. Few things remain, though, no question—How to Dress Well mixes being posted on the blog are one of them, as are various staff members … read more »

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Watch How To Dress Well’s “Repeat Pleasure” Video

When How To Dress Well dropped “Repeat Pleasure” from his forthcoming “What Is This Heart?” LP, I noted that it had enough bounce and hook-heavy charm to warrant a cheesy 1990s-style music video, but it … read more »

how to dress well

Stream: How To Dress Well, “Repeat Pleasure”

I’ve been growing reaaaaalllly weary of the “alt R&B” genre tag lately but this new one from Tom Krell bka How To Dress Well shows that there’s still room to make solid songs under that … read more »

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Stream: How To Dress Well, “Words I Don’t Remember”

It’s crazy to think that it’s been nearly two years since Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, released Total Loss, a now super-prescient take on R&B that feels as relevant and urgent now as … read more »

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Stream: How To Dress Well, “Teenage Spaceship”

How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell has a “lil xmas gift for you:” a washed out cover of Smog’s “Teenage Spaceship,” recorded on his laptop and released without any mastering, and absolutely gorgeous nonetheless. “The … read more »

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