Lil Wayne, “Green and Yellow” MP3


Hey Cheeseheads: Arguably, Wiz Khalifa has given the Pittsburgh Steelers a big advantage in this weekend’s Superbowl. The whole country loves and is singing his song, as if the script for the final scene of a Black and Yellow victory has already been choreographed. So, the good news this Thursday morning is that ESPN Blogger Lil Wayne is working to let all fans in on that collective effervescence and to level the playing field. He’s doing it because he’s really a huge Green Bay fan or because the Saints and Falcons are done anyway and he’s in support of fair play in general. More than a couple times free Weezy says this is not a diss song, and that sense of good will seems extended to Wiz too— Wayne doesn’t dive in to the song too hard, maintaining the integrity of Wiz’s moment and rips a big Khalifa-type smoke break inhale before saying a word. Hope being called a long hair don’t care makes Clay Matthews feels appreciated and bold, that all the dudes on both teams play a great game on Sunday night.

Download: Lil Wayne, “Green and Yellow” (Via Weezy Thanx You)

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  2. Dearest Fader staff,

    I hope y’all have a super bowl for the Super Bowl.


  3. Beedie says:

    BOOOOO this man

  4. Adam Loeb says:

    Black and Yellow is a far superior song.
    I hope the Packers lose, I know Justin feels the same.
    No one really like the Packers, or Wisconsin.

  5. Gene Cozy says:

    You’re right Adam Loeb. Everyone loves the team with the rapist and the other guy who tries to injure players on purpose. Everyone loves the team from the old “industrial” city that can’t get their act together to make their own terrible towels.

    Wiz Khalifa can’t hold a candle to Lil Wayne. Packer fans are proud to call him own of our own.

    Go Pack.

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  7. Naomi Zeichner says:

    Thanks Josh! You too.

  8. justin thomas kay says:

    yo gene just saying: that dude is not actually adam loeb, it is an imposter. adam loeb is a friend of mine from milwaukee and someone (either friend or otherwise, but most likely a friend named mike goelzer or sam macon) is going for some lolz

    appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. GO PACK GO

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  10. KEFE says:


  11. Katileena says:

    BTW its “GREEN N GOLD” not green n yellow DUH!

  12. adam says:

    Justin, Sam and Mike would never talk shit on Wisconsin in a comment section of a blog, and if they did, it would be funny. One of the Minnesota boys, or Jeff’s cohort, the former child actor spencer vrooman, who has been known in the past to sneak snarky shit into the Nah Right’s comment section.

    We can dance around this all day, but Schnipper’s name all over this heinous identity theft.

  13. Patrick motherfucking Soto says:

    I have a feeling he was commissioned for this. I don’t like when my rap meets commerce besides personal, extravagant wealth.

    As far as the song goes, Weezy keeps the hook syncopation and Wiz’s colloquialisms, “you know what it is”, the laughs, same lines.

    +1 to Wiz for coming up, just don’t let the label fuck you over. And make sure you develop as an artist.

  14. Rodgers is King $hit says:

    This shit is ill. Black n Yellow should never be played in Wisco ever again. Wiz Khalifa is a joke and without the Steelers’ success Wiz Khalifa would still be playing shitty FRAT bars like PotBelly’s in Tallahassee, FL like he was a few months back. Dude is soft. Weezy 4 Prez

  15. american_foo says:

    You kidding me foo?! Lil Wayne just took a shit on your fuckin parade!

    Steelers ain’t shit plus they got a rapists fuck you ass niggaz…

    Packers FTFW

  16. Shawna D says:

    Loved it! Love it even more now! You know what it is GREEN AND YELLOW!

  17. brandie says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are soooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tyler says:

    lil wayne is a flake and so gay

  19. breedy says:

    i think wayne did his thang and if yall dont like it stop listenin to the freakin song like duh!! green and yellow or green and gold, they still won so stfu!! haha lmbo and american_foo yhu totaly right my n*****.!! ima cheese head yall stupid cheeze whiz!!

  20. Ian says:

    Lil Wayne is the shit and so are the packers Hey homo named adam loeb talk shit about wisconsin get the shit kicked out of you

  21. Boima says:

    Adam Loeb!!!

  22. qamir says:

    hello friend

  23. lj says:

    what up son whats good

  24. JR says:


  25. JR says:


  26. Princess says:


  27. lil `legacy says:

    wheezy beast!

  28. mikey says:

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  29. dev kalifa says:

    ok i like green bay but dat motha fucka didnt have to put philly on der cause vick will beat dat nigga azz

  30. deonta mullins says:

    bro dat song iz boomin on mii them packers killin every body niggas said they gone loose cuz they was on da road 4 da playoffs but we see wat hgappend……….!!

  31. One of my best friends hit the like button for this article on facebook so I thought I would check it out. I just did the same so perhaps a few more people will notice this :)

  32. Shadow guy says:

    Hey Idiots, the song black and yellow isnt about the steelers its about a black and yellow sports car. I quote from the song ” black stripe yellow paint them n*******s scared of it but them hoes aint” un- quote. hes obviously talking about a car. but still wheezy is the best!!!

  33. beast mode says:

    Listen lil waynes team won give it up packers are beast and shadow guy is right black and yellows about a sports car xD

  34. casper says:

    fuck all yal niggas all u do all day is sit on here and type this tupid ass shit get a fucking life bitch ass niggas 2-1 vl all day wat nigga

  35. zay says:

    you got it

  36. tyler says:

    yall dumbasses who talks shit about lil wayne and packers, yall need to get a fuckin life, yall dumbfucks, btw packers won and lil wayne made a beast song so hah to all yall haters, Haters stands for Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. Get a life, Lil Wayne da shiz and Packers The bomb and you who hates on them, are fag bags. Fagatron.