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Lil Wayne, "Green and Yellow" MP3

Hey Cheeseheads: Arguably, Wiz Khalifa has given the Pittsburgh Steelers a big advantage in this weekend's Superbowl. The whole country loves and is singing his song, as if the script for the final scene of a Black and Yellow victory has already been choreographed. So, the good news this Thursday morning is that ESPN Blogger Lil Wayne is working to let all fans in on that collective effervescence and to level the playing field. He's doing it because he's really a huge Green Bay fan or because the Saints and Falcons are done anyway and he's in support of fair play in general. More than a couple times free Weezy says this is not a diss song, and that sense of good will seems extended to Wiz too— Wayne doesn't dive in to the song too hard, maintaining the integrity of Wiz's moment and rips a big Khalifa-type smoke break inhale before saying a word. Hope being called a long hair don't care makes Clay Matthews feels appreciated and bold, that all the dudes on both teams play a great game on Sunday night.

Download: Lil Wayne, "Green and Yellow" (Via Weezy Thanx You)

Lil Wayne, "Green and Yellow" MP3