Juelz Is Out Of Jail Now


Following a raid of his New Jersey recording studio, a warrant was issued for Juelz Santana‘s arrest last week. He turned himself in at a Bergen county jail Wednesday, where he was charged with possessing firearms and distributing weed. Juelz was released on bail yesterday evening, then told Angie Martinez that the idea he’s, “selling dimebags of weed is a joke.” He said Jersey cops are bored and that he walked into jail with the proper amount of bail money, but had to stay because there was a computer problem due to a regional ice storm. He didn’t complain about the glitch, said he got a lot of love from inmates who recognized him, nothing too ;) or whatever. Life lessons: register your guns, don’t turn yourself in amidst winter weather and state budget crisis. Or don’t live in Jersey? In his honor, tonight on the radio we’re going to party like its 2003, 2006 or 2011. Juelz hits, after the jump!

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