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World Premiere! The FADER Issue #72: Wiz Khalifa, James Blake and Casely-Hayford


It wasn't exactly hard to tell that Wiz Khalifa and James Blake would do big things in 2011, but the level at which that happened exceeded even our—and let's be real—their wildest dreams. It goes without saying that we are ridiculously stoked to have them on our covers, but we had to say it anyway. We headed out to Los Angeles to try and figure out exactly how Wiz managed to turn himself into a RAP MEGASTAR while smoking close to one zillion joints a day, and came back with a story about what it means to be famous in the new music world. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe James Blake has quietly been transforming into a megastar in his own right. Going from interesting producer to full-blown artist with an intimate voice that could make even the most stone-hearted dude cry. But this is our Spring Style issue, so it's not just about music. We also interviewed the father/son clothing design duo Casely-Hayford, who, with clear eyes and strong sense of purpose, continue to make timelessly daring clothes. Then we jetted to Trinidad for a beautiful fashion story that reminded us of the existence of warm weather and beautiful beaches, talked to up-and-comers Niki and the Dove, Porcelain Raft, Lex Luger and a whole lot more.

After the jump, grab each cover separately and keep your eyes peeled for web exclusives as well as FADER #72, in all its Spring glory, coming to digital and physical newsstands on March 8th.

World Premiere! The FADER Issue #72: Wiz Khalifa, James Blake and Casely-Hayford