Video: Radiohead, “Lotus Flower” + Download New Album The King of Limbs Now If the Website Works

Well, here are two urgent newsflashes in one. Radiohead have a new album out tomorrow today, it’s pretty short but great and very “electronica,” according to Rolling Stone, who we’re going to have to trust since the download site crashed and we haven’t heard it yet. But judging by the video for “Lotus Flower,” which we have seen—special thanks to the YouTube servers, y’all are very consistent, however we think you should put our Miley vid back up—it’s going to be great and very “electronica.” Thom Yorke’s ridiculous dancing and physical face seem to defy jokes, really, so we’re not going to say shit. But we’re going to think it.

Download: Radiohead’s The King of Limbs

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