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Waka Flocka, Salute Me or Shoot Me 3 Mixtape


Over the weekend, Kanye West released a new video, Lil B released another set of songs and Waka Flocka released a new mixtape. Since the release of Flockaveli, the Brick Squad crew have been a little...disappointing. Releasing watery mixtapes that sound like they were recorded from bean bag chairs in an echoey sweat lodge or something. Salute Me or Shoot Me 3 is a return to form though. It's not just Waka that goes nuts here. Every Brick Squad affiliate that pops up is worth paying attention to this time around, and while it might be unmastered, this is still some of the stronger production Waka has messed around with to date. Whether its the uneasy murk of "My Momma Told Me" or the supremely fucked up accordion grind of "Cookin Up 1000 Grams" which features an incredible, endlessly rewindable, uncredited verse from Mystikal and has us entertaining fantasies of a Waka/Mystikal collaboration album produced entirely by Lex Luger. And yeah, we know that saying stuff like that is not any different than being like, WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT SUPERMAN OR THE HULK? But it's still fun to dream. The latest on Waka's shootout incident in Charlotte last week, after the jump.

Last week Flocka's bus was shot at by two unidentified cars. Yesterday, six men involved in the incident were identified and were brought to Mecklenburg County jail in Charlotte, where they were charged with armed robbery, conspiracy and shooting into an occupied dwelling. Among them are Antoine Washington, who was arrested just 14 hours before the shootout for misdemeanor traffic violations and Antonio Stukes, who was shot by Waka's security team. He says he was just trying to give Flocka a mixture and get some attention.

Waka Flocka, Salute Me or Shoot Me 3 Mixtape