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Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra Album

It's ironic that last weekend, in all the HOLY SHIT MYSTIKAL IS BACK ON A WAKA FLOCKA MIXTAPE hype, we forgot to blog or talk about Frank Ocean's album Nostalgia, Ultra. If it seems like too much Odd Future in one place or whatever, we understand, but also know that this is different. It is a straight up R&B album, and while there are a couple uneven moments, the highs ("Swim Good," "Song For Women," "We All Try," "Dust") are really high. If you want to further the Tyler/Odd Future/Neptunes comparisons (we won't blame you if you don't), Frank Ocean would probably be the crew's less open- hearted Kenna—a more cynical, but still simultaneously wide-eyed version.

Download: Frank Ocean, Nostalgia, Ultra

Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra Album