Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra Album

Frank Ocean

It’s ironic that last weekend, in all the HOLY SHIT MYSTIKAL IS BACK ON A WAKA FLOCKA MIXTAPE hype, we forgot to blog or talk about Frank Ocean‘s album Nostalgia, Ultra. If it seems like too much Odd Future in one place or whatever, we understand, but also know that this is different. It is a straight up R&B album, and while there are a couple uneven moments, the highs (“Swim Good,” “Song For Women,” “We All Try,” “Dust”) are really high. If you want to further the Tyler/Odd Future/Neptunes comparisons (we won’t blame you if you don’t), Frank Ocean would probably be the crew’s less open- hearted Kenna—a more cynical, but still simultaneously wide-eyed version.

Download: Frank Ocean, Nostalgia, Ultra

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  1. aggs says:

    Kenna’s cheesy?
    then again there’s waka, odd future, mystikal hype/love here
    cancels that right out

  2. WHAT!! says:

    Re: Kenna…dont forget the he was in the Fader in like 01 or 02 or something. So in the fader’s dope mission to contiually support artist they have profiled when they were on the verge even if ther music is now hella weak (see Eminem), shots should not be fired at Kenna.

  3. ses says:

    Even my mom and her mom could tell it ain’t no “straight up R&B album”.
    bye fader

  4. collards says:

    yall have been ahead of the game, calling shots on the money for years. but the feedback loops in the internet era are so swift that OF is cult-status-plus-bieber already, and you’re quietly distancing yourself from their best release yet. hyper self-sensitivity might sink this fader boat one day.

  5. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    Kenna has always been cheesy. But cheesy doesn’t necessarily equal bad if it’s done well. He did it well on his first album, after that—much less so.

  6. FadersuxDick says:

    For being such a crazy wild group of dick suckers you don’t get the opportunity to diss Kenna who happens to be one of the most pioneering and respectable artists of our time. Frank Ocean was probably influenced by him like Cudi and Theopolis London and more… all the new artists that you suck so much dick over.

    You all are retarded.

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