Ghetto Palms 132: Petrona Martinez / Maria Mulata / D’Angel / Rayvon

March 02, 2011

So after teasing a vocal intro from Geko Jones’ Maria Mulata refix into my bacchanal blend last week, I decided to just say fuck it and go full on dancehall bullerengue this week. To my monolingual ears “Machete Llorando” is more cumbia/vallenato than bullerengue. It even contains an accordion riff that sounds very close to “La Cumbia Cineguera” (which got jacked for a house beat, not to mention that road mix of “Nah Go Play”). But it makes a nice motif for the whole mix because from Afri-Colombia to Jamaica, this is machete music at it’s sharpest.

Download: GP 132: Dancehall Bullerengue Blend

Teswuino y Linterna, “Machete Llorando”
Petrona Martinez, “Sepiterna” (Thorato refix)
Maria Mulata, “Pa La Escuela Nene” (Geko Jones Frikstailers dub)
Schlachthofbronx f. Spoek Mathombo & Bigspace, “NastyBass”
Beenie Man f. D’Angel, “Time of My Life”
Rayvon f. Red Foxx, “When I Get You Home”

Not that I’ve gotten off the Carnival train. Hells, no. In fact, if you can’t make it to actual Carnival, I recommend you check out the soca-dedicated bash called Tiny Winey (flyer below) which is kicking off at 87 Ludlow this Friday—a first for Manhattan, to my knowledge. In fact what with the Made in Africa Party happening tomorrow at Gallery Bar, Basement Bhangra (—this is me. I play here) and Brand New Machine the same night, its getting harder to maintain the grumpy “Manhattan is getting so homogenized and eurocentric” stance I’ve been repping lately. But if it’s freaking you out to hear soca, bhangra, dancehall, dacale and other tropical sounds invading the ivory isle, you can always escape to the Strut Records Tropical Discotheque warehouse joint in Brooklyn on Saturday. Welcome to the sambadrome.

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Ghetto Palms 132: Petrona Martinez / Maria Mulata / D’Angel / Rayvon