Will Oldham Talks Film (And T.V.) On The Radio

March 10, 2011

Will Oldham loves film almost as much as he loves R. Kelly, and he loves R Kelly a lot.

Yesterday, Oldham stopped by WFPK Louisville, wearing the embroidered jumpsuit he sported in Jackass 3 to celebrate the film's DVD release, and also serve as guest critic to old friend Todd Brashear's (of Slint) regular "New to DVD" radio show (who knew?!). Since you will never have the opportunity to friend Oldham or Brashear on Netflix, we thought we'd be able to help you get a little closer to their queue by posting highlights from the Todd & Will Show!, but unfortunately WFPK didn't post the entire show. Bummer! At least we got the back-story to Oldham's cameo as a gorilla trainer.

Apparently Oldham got roped into the project through his friend, the filmmaker Lance Bangs, who met Oldham while filming his documentary footage for Slint. Bangs plays "the documentarian" in Jackass 3D and (throws up a lot). Oldham wanted in on the project, so they struck a deal: If Oldham wrote "a theme song" for Bangs' life, he could play a gorilla trainer in the movie. So Oldham wrote and recorded a theme song, called "Bance Langs," using a Saturday-morning cartoon template as his inspiration, and a few days later "he got the call from Knoxville." (As in Johnny).

Listen to the entire show here. And also see Oldham in R. Alverson's film New Jerusalem, which will premier at SXSW.

Will Oldham Talks Film (And T.V.) On The Radio