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See Odd Future’s Williams Sisters Hoax in Orlando

Last week, the Orlando Sentinel reported that a rumored appearance by tennis luminaries, sisters Venus and Serena Williams at the Amway Arena was, in fact, a hoax performed by Odd Future members, Lionel “L-Boy” Boyce … read more »

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Lance Bangs & LCD Soundsystem Want Your Cloud Pics for Final MSG Shows

LCD Soundsystem’s last show at Madison Square Garden. According to his website he’s soliciting fans to capture their cummulus, stratus and nimbus shots from plane-eye view for the big show(s). Email your images to cloudfootage@gmail.com.

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Will Oldham Talks Film (And T.V.) On The Radio

Will Oldham loves film almost as much as he loves R. Kelly, and he loves R Kelly WFPK Louisville, wearing the embroidered jumpsuit he sported in never have the opportunity to friend Oldham or Brashear … read more »

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The Lazarus Effect, HBO & (RED)’s AIDS Documentary, Debuts Tonight

(RED)‘s already renowned for their efforts to end AIDS in Africa, but The Lazarus Effect is a landmark foray into AIDS awareness for a kooky big-screen maven and a music video director. Executive produced by … read more »

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The Lazarus Effect: A New Documentary by Lance Bangs

The RED Campaign to combat AIDS just announced their latest effort: a 30-minute documentary, directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Spike Jonze, that follows four HIV+ Zambians and traces their recovery after finally … read more »

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Lance Bangs’ Family Portrait

For our tenth anniversary issue last December, we talked to a group of people who we really felt were curating FADER culture—music videos, books, clubs, clothes, art, etc. For part of that story, we spoke … read more »