FORT + Instagram 4Ever

Friends! We go down to Austin next week. Anticipating there will be TONS of awesome things to document, we invite YOU to be a part of it! Just download Instagram to your iPhone and (this is super important) hashtag your photos with #fortbyfiat. That way they’ll aggregate into the FORT by FIAT app (which you should also download to your iPhone/android phone if you havent already!). Have fun with us! We all know The FORT is easily the best party happening down there next week— lets prove it.

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  1. Staci Jones says:

    It was a bummer that I left work this morning at 8:15 to be the first few people at Fiat of Austin this morning and there weren’t any VIP bands or Cut-the-Line bands left! Now I lost my lunch hour and no good news :(

    We are still super-stoked about the Fader Fort and can’t wait to pick up the wristbands today, but were a little disappointed that the Update wasn’t posted until we drove all the way up to North Austin thinking the first ones “of each day” were going to get the VIP bracelets.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed that there are other contests for this for the week!
    Keep on jammin at the Fort!

    78704 love,