How to Pick Up Your FADER FORT by FIAT Wristband

You can start picking up wristbands for the FADER Fort by FIAT tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th. Wristband pickup will be located on San Marcos Street between 4th and 5th in Austin. Picking up a wristband for your guest? They MUST be with you when you check in. Here are the hours you can come by this week:

TUESDAY, 3/15 from 12pm – 6pm
WEDNESDAY, 3/16 from 12pm – 7pm
THURSDAY, 3/17 from 12pm – 7pm
FRIDAY, 3/18 from 12pm – 7pm
SATURDAY, 3/19 from 12pm – 4pm

FIAT is providing FREE shuttle service to the site! Pick up and drop off is at 360 Valet on Red River Street between E. 10th and E. 11th Streets. Look out for FADER Fort by FIAT signage, then hop a complimentary shuttle to the venue AND back to town.

Want to walk? Here’s how to get to the FORT from the Austin Convention Center. You’ll walk on 4th st, it takes about 10 minutes:
** Head east on E 4th St toward Neches St 
- – Turn left at I-35 Frontage Rd S
** Follow the sharp right toward I-35 Frontage Rd N
** Turn right at I-35 Service Rd N
** Turn left at E 4th St
** You will see signage directing you to wristband pickup on San Marcos St between E 4th St and E 5th St.

Riding the bus? These are routes that bring you close by:
Route 21 “Exposition/Chicon” from Cesar Chaves St (at Trinity or Red River) to Waller. Walk 4 blocks north to 5th and Waller
Route 4 “Montopolis” from 6th/Brazos (or East 7th and Trinity) to East 7th and Waller. Walk 2 blocks South to 5thand Waller.
Route 22 “Chicon” from 3rd and San Jacinto to Cesar Chaves and Waller. Walk 4 blocks North to 5th and Waller.
Route 17 “Cesar Chaves” pick up along Cesar Chaves to Cesar Chaves and Waller. Walk 4 blocks North to 5th and Waller.

There will be LIMITED parking space in the lot on the corner of E. 5th and Waller. Parking will be available on a first come first serve basis to attendees with a FADER Fort by FIAT Wristband. Lot closes ½ an hour after show and cars WILL BE TOWED if not removed.

We’ve got tons of racks to lock to! Please secure your ride! We’re not responsible for lost/stolen bikes.

Can’t come down to Texas at all? Watch the whole show live on our site and at Myspace Music.

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  1. Nick says:

    “Picking up a wristband for your guest? They MUST be with you when you check in.” – Does “check in” mean at the wristband pickup, or at the party itself? My guest works during the day and won’t be able to pick up her wristband… will I be able to pick up 2 wristbands if I RSVP’d myself + 1 guest?

  2. Jr says:

    No your guest has to literally be with you when you get your’s

  3. Kathy says:

    What if you RSVP’ed but haven’t received an email confirmation?

  4. Naomi Zeichner says:

    Try again?

  5. Simone Parker says:

    Im in the same boat, I RSVP’d and didn’t receive anything. Are you supposed to receive one? Or should I just show up for a wrist band? The list is closed now though, I tried again. But before when I did it was like thank you for your RSVP or something?

  6. Amanda says:

    I signed up this morning too, and never recieved an email confirmation. Do I need one to check in?

  7. Jessica says:

    I too, received a ‘thank you for your rsvp’ notice–but I signed up yesterday. When did the list close?? I haven’t received an email…Can you tell us something?!

  8. eddi sosa says:

    do I need an ID

  9. Simone Parker says:

    Thought Id follow up on this.. I went and stood in-line hoping to get a wristband today under my “RSVP”, I was not on the list. If you did not recieve a confirmation email, your name is not on the list (I did not get the confirmation email, however after I “RSVP’d” it was like thank you for your RSVP or whatever). Luckily my friend was in-line and let me use his + 1. You most definitely have to have your I.D. and its 21 & up. If you made it on the list and RSVP’d for a + 1 they MUST be present, no pictures of I.D.’s via text message, theres no way around it they have to be there with you. Also, once you check in you are checked off, meaning if you go today without your + 1 and recieve your wristband, you cannot go back up to check in to get your +1′s band at a later time. Once you check in you are checked off. I hope this helps!!

  10. Shannon B says:

    For those coming in from North Austin, don’t forget that CapMetro MetroRail is running special hours on Fri & Sat for SXSW. The Plaza Saltillo station is just a couple blocks from the Fort. Check the rail schedule here http://www.capmetro.org/metrorail/special-service.asp.

  11. john says:

    What does the confirmation email say? I got an email with a link to where to pick up wristbands but it didnt say anything about me being rsvp’d

  12. Brian says:

    Does anyone know if you can use a music badge to get in instead of waiting in line for the wristband?

  13. Simone Parker says:

    John- That is the confirmation email, so you are on the list.
    Brian- not sure…