A Week with Christian AIDS

christian aids

Turns out Manchester’s broken speaker connoisseurs Christian AIDS released a million things this week, from videos and remixes to new video remixes. This is your chance to play catch up with our favorite four:

Download: Purity Ring, “Ungirthed (Christian AIDS Remix)” (via double denim)

We posted the original Purity Ring track a couple weeks ago, and the AIDS team stays fairly true to it, fairly respectful. Megan James’ voice is hard to justifiably mess with, but any semblance of positive electro-pop backing the song has been blackened out. What once shimmered glitter now blows smoke. Amazing.

- – -

This one’s the secret best and easily their finest vid, the best example of how far their remixes separate themselves from the original tracks. Patterns’ version of “Fly to NY” is unambitious, airy, casual sway-rock, though the more we compare the less we’re honestly sure these two songs are related. Amazing.

- – -

“Stay Positive” is the only of these four songs that doesn’t profess to be a remix. A driving bass, indistinct lyrics, grainy distortion but less than normal and never overwrought, with a ₤1 pricetag. Probably the least adventurous and probably the most listenable. Amazing.

- – -

Finally, they remixed the vaguely grime track “Paperweight” from the “gold-toothed teenage garage fiends dealing in deep night club scenes” known as Murkage, a group birthed from the Manchester club night of the same name. The Christian AIDS version is almost dancier. They’re all amazing.

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