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Video: Danny Brown f. Purity Ring, “25 Bucks”

In this solemn new video for Old Side A track “25 Bucks” returns Danny Brown to his childhood home (or something like it), which hangs suspended in time and seems to be haunted by Purity … read more »

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Stream Danny Brown’s Album, Old

Danny Brown’s new album, Old, drops next Tuesday via Fool’s Gold, but you can listen to the entire album right now on Spotify. The LP, conceptually divided into “A” and “B” sides, features beats by … read more »

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21 Musicians, Tastemakers and Other Weirdos Pick Their Favorite Music of 2012

Though the FADER does not empirically rank our favorite releases, the year-end battle between album heavyweights rages in our brains like everyone else’s. But we’re talkers, prone to changing our mind and always searching for … read more »

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Purity Ring f. Danny Brown, “Belispeak II” MP3

Danny Brown lends some gravitas to Purity Ring’s “Belispeak.” The band’s beatmaker Corin Roddick reworked the track just for him after Brown expressed interest in collaborating with the Canadian duo via Twitter. Roddick amped up … read more »

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Purity Ring

Stream Purity Ring’s Album Shrines

Purity Ring‘s debut album, Shrines, is streaming at NPR. The whole thing has a dancing-on-your-tiptoes grace to it. Make sure to listen to “Crawlersout” and the duet “Grandloves,” like Purity Ring’s equivalent of Nelly and … read more »

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Stream: Purity Ring, “Fineshrine”

Purity Ring have released another single from their 4AD/Last Gang debut, Shrines, out July 24th. “Fineshrine” has thick and gurgling production, punctuated by single-water-drop-hitting-a-pond pings and singer Megan James’ bright vocals. Stream it above and … read more »

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Video: Purity Ring, “Belispeak”

Singer Megan James slogs through a swamp of magenta lava bubbles and earthy compost in the Brewer-directed video for last year’s trunk-rattling fairy tale “Belispeak.” The track comes from Purity Ring’s debut LP, Shrines, out … read more »

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Purity Ring, “Obedear” MP3

“Obedear” is the Purity Ring song that most mimics a Grimm’s fairly tale, though they’ve had plenty of jams that beautifully combine the dark and the light. But “Obedear” is so specifically spooky that, underneath … read more »

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Why Are Fan Videos Obsessed With The New Wave?

Jean-Luc Godard made films for a generation raised on Marx & Coca Cola, but it’s damn near impossible to name the innumerable icons to which to reduce ours, a generation that witnessed the quick rise … read more »

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Purity Ring, “Belispeak” Live at The FADER FORT by FIAT NYC

A few camera flashes and a handful of green and red lights lit the stage when Purity Ring played “Belispeak” at The FADER FORT by FIAT in NYC. It was pretty dark and spooky up … read more »

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