Oi Polloi’s New Publication Pica-Post


Guess it wasn’t enough for Manchester’s Oi Polloi to just be one of the best menswear shops in the world, they’ve also had to show up everyone in the graphic design world as well. Last year’s The Rig-Out was the first step, and now they’ve launched a new publication Pica-Post that mixes a catalogue of some of their best in-store items with a few articles of interest on surfboards and Buffalo Bill. Running throughout is the expert illustration of Ben Lamb, and some of the cleanest, most attractive design we’ve seen in a style publication in some time. They’re only printing 1000, so start digging to get your hands on one.

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  1. torrance tk harrison says:

    “they’ve also had to show up everyone in the graphic design world as well…” …… It looks like my little sister laid this out in Microsoft word. Atrocious typography, color and layout.

  2. Alex Frank says:

    We actually happen to like the youthful, casual quality of the design, which seems to have nostalgically taken nods from both catalogues marketed towards teenagers and D.I.Y. zine making. Perhaps you have a far classier, traditional aesthetic than we do at The FADER, but we’re a fan of people that make things with whimsy.