Soulja Boy’s 1up Mixtape


There are some pretty weird beats on this Soulja Boy tape. “Retro Gamer” was produced by Odd Future‘s Super 3, snare stutters impossibly disjointed with a belching noise underneath, just not a pleasant sounding instrumental. “Charlie Sheen” is pitched up the way we imagine the Kids Be Gone teenage sound-repellant might sound. Then things gets kind of great. “Weed Shoes” is a solid title and a popular lifestyle, the slow strings on “Stacks On Deck” are instant iTunes five-star. His “Good Life” estate description is charmingly un-rappable, like all of his best flows. He has always been a strange dude, and since Lil B doesn’t really talk about SODMG anymore, it doesn’t seem like Soulja Boy’s co-opting anybody else’s wacky. If at moments young rap seems pass him by—Soulja Boy’s still only 20—with luck the post-spotlight shadow will only make him odder. It’s telling that he’s not in Austin, that’s he’s releasing a mixtape this week, and it’s kind of nice he’s still doing his own thing.

Download: Soulja Boy’s 1up Mixtape

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  1. Fool says:

    Great mixtape. A lot of great dance shit and a few great serious songs.

  2. myriam says:

    souljaboy you are my hero
    je te soutiendrais toute ma vie souljaboy
    tu es merveilleu
    it is a great mixtape !!
    I love
    god bless you souljaboy

  3. myriam111 says:

    it is a great mixtape I Love for forever !!
    you are my hero soulja god bless you !! myriam

  4. myriamsodmg says:

    it is a great mixtape I love great respect soulja !!
    you are my hero smooky !!
    god bless you !!

  5. myriamsodmg says:

    it is a great mixtape I loveeeee great respect soulja !!
    you are my hero for forever !!!
    you will always count on my soutiend !!
    god bless you souljaboy !!

  6. myriam111 says:

    souljaboy tu es epoustouflant j’aime toutes tes chansons
    je te souhaites beaucoup de reussite dans la vie !!
    tu fais de sublimes chanson tu merites le soutiend de touts les fan du mondes entiers !!
    et je serais toujour avec toi !!

    you my superhero :) for toujour forever

  7. nappygirla says:

    Great mixtape!1

  8. defbingo says:

    i donno about not co-opting anyone else’s wacky, that 1-up song seems like its jockin young L

  9. SLATER says:

    you seriously is so incredible and you will get great pleasure

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  11. rochelle says:

    Rawest shyt ever. ily souljaboy.
    (best rapper alive) just to let yall no

  12. hiphopdope says:

    Soulja Boy switched it up on this one, so many different beats. He is very creative the cover is dope, the beats are nice, the songs are quality. 20 brand new tracks this is interesting. I can’t wait to see AND hear what he does next… dope. Video Game Music. I can dig it. #1UP great mixtape

  13. DJ 1UP says:

    what the fuck I started using this name like 5 months ago then this shit drops. :\