Minaj Shits On “Tragedy” Lil Kim


FADER’s first cover star Funkmaster Flex caught Nicki Minaj in a moment of fire, debuting this verse aimed towards Lil Kim at fight-time on Saturday evening in New York. The snippet, for the sake of ease now called “Tragedy,” is likely a part of a track produced by Boi-1da and Hit Boy to be included on Wayne’s soon-coming Carter IV.

Minaj calls out how awful it must be to be in the game 15, 20 years and then have to sell your album on PayPal, how much it must hurt to fall from magic to raaaaaaaaaaaageddyyyyy. Also shouts out Vybz and Mavado’s longstanding Gully/Gaza beef? Her take-down wouldn’t be so mean if it weren’t true. We thought Minaj was done kicking down-already Kim in November of last year, when she talked at length with Angie Martinez about her career’s extreme trajectory and her complicated relationship with her fallen idol. Speaking on rumors that “Romans Revenge” was a Kim diss, Minaj said:

“She just really jumped out the window and you gotta be careful when you pick fights. And that’s what I’ve learned in this business, you just never know. I think people get me mistaken with like, a real barbie. They forget where I’m from, and if I have to revert back, I can. And I will. So don’t play with me. It’s one of those moments when you say—don’t play with me. I respect you, I love you. I’ve said it in every interview, time and time again. And if that’s not good enough with you mama, then its something deep rotted in you. You need to get your, something is bothering you inside, that’s your insecurity, bothering you.”

We hope Minaj’s bent, dragged out raaaaaaaaaaaageddyyyy will serve as mantra this summer for any young or old man/woman who needs to purge any doubt and uncertainty that’s vexing them. Hear “Tragedy,” plus a long excerpt on Nicki’s interview with Angie last year and Minaj’s devastating siren sound “Shitted On Em,” below.

Download: Nicki Minaj, “Tragedy

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  1. Lillian says:

    I think its a shame that you guys are jumping on Nicki’s stick. Come on! You are grownups. You know that snippet she sent out was pure garbage and her antics to date aimed towards kim are childish and malicious. The only thing that is a tragedy is nicky’s name dropping and her insignificant lyrical skills.

  2. smh says:

    Wack! Nicki stick to pop.

  3. VEN says:

    It’s so gross how Fader is on NIcki MInaj’s dick so hard.
    Kim sold her MIXTAPE on paypal. 10 bucks a pop. Profited all the money no label involved.
    Nicki forgets she also sold her mixtape on paypal. HAHAHA.

  4. Darius says:

    Weak. Nicki really hasn’t done shit for me since 5 Star Chick/Massive Attack.

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  6. RHAZE112 says:


  7. unk72 says:

    No disrespect but there’s a better clash goin’ on overseas with Wiley and Dot Rotten.

  8. TheImpermanence says:

    It actually angers me that you write this biased article and make up things about Lil’ Kims career ‘downspiralling’ when you’re the reason, the hyping, that tries to send a person ‘down’. But I can see right through your poor article. Lil’ Kim is an intelligent wordsmith, she’s witty, she’s got delivery, she’s original. Nicki Minaj is an upstart, she has no manners, she swaggerjacked Kims style and has the nerve to come across like she has experience of the industry? She’s just lucky, but she is NOT talented. She sounds like an annoying clown on drugs and I just bore of her simpleton lyrics. The reason why Kim may not be in the ‘BillBored’ charts, is because they’re ‘parental advisory’. Lil’ Kim spits ‘realness’ ‘dirty’ ‘nastiness’ and she’d be edited from that chart. But she has every right to make a million on paypal. Dont throw stones at glass houses because Minaj is a walking GLASS MANSION. When she cracks, no-one will be there to pick up her grand but broken personality.

    Did you go on to mention what Lil’ Kim has done since leaving jail, crossed boundaries, successful on Dancing with the stars, started a fashion line. these things take time my dear, yet your poorly written article chooses to ‘edit’ these FACTS out. Lil’ Kim has more ‘integrity’ than your whole charade and sway towards the ‘popular’. The facts are there, go and find them. In the meantime, carry on listening to rappy pop Pink Friday….

  9. TheImpermanence says:


  10. Digo says:

    Nicki’s diss track is a tragedy. Lyrics ragged as Weezy’s teeth.
    Defenders are saying that it’s only a clip – but I would think she’d have the best 16 bars on the clip instead of that oscar the grouch trash. Lil Kim is lyrically superior… just because you’re sucessful in the game doesn’t mean that you winning enough to diss . Even Ashanti was successful at some point.

  11. waht! says:

    I think that the extent of Nicki’s lyrical talent is becoming more and more obvious. As someone who has failed to warm to her as a rap artist I clearly see her lacking of all the necessary characteristics that make up a great MC.

  12. Rell Stylez says:

    All of you are tripping. Nicki killed Kim! She has a dynamic unique rhyme flow that is very fluid and experimental. Kim had her moment but style and skill wise Nicki got it right now.

  13. dis da one says:

    imma tell yall lil kim gorupies dis she a good rapper but at da same time she aint had no music dat came out in a long time…….smh……..and nicki minaj is cumin out with song after song…….kim really need 2 step her game up……..but i still love her….im out yall

  14. wow says:

    what the fuck is that gremlin on the right? is that lil kim? i wonder what cave system that curmudgeon shambled out of.

  15. Merrick B says:

    This is so crazy. Lil Kim \ Nicki Minaj back and forth pure nonsense because they are different. Now that a new generation is embracing NICKI a lot of the older generation HIP HOP fans now want to cosign with KIM when a lot of them didn’t before. ( ie Dissed her looks, her lyrics post RIP BIGGIE & her overall content) Hypocrisy! Nicki is nothing like KIM lyrically. Compare Hard Core to Pink Friday. Hard Core’s content was all about a fictitious Mafia life style and raunch. I dare anybody to point at one song on Nicki’s album that comes close to that content. Only thing some of the lyrics have in common is bragging about labels on their back. As far as image I don’t think KIM intended to look goofy or silly like Minaj who sometimes looks like a cross between Marge Simpson and Hommie Da Clown on purpose. Either way it’s a gimmick and KIM was trying to express sex appeal and labels with her image. Nicki gives more of a silly, playful character image vis-a-vis Harajuko . I feel there is a difference and this comparison between the two of them’s style and message brings out more contrast. I’m not a Kim Hater. But as a KIM fan I feel she neglected her business. 4 Studio albums in 15 years and no more than 2 or 3 songs per album hit readio for long periods of time makes me feel like she was half asssing her job. No wonder why so many people are gravitating to NICKI. “….If you ain’t shittin then get off the Pot”