Mike G Might Be The Best and Least Cared For Member of Odd Future


Mike G is maybe the most anonymous member of the Odd Future family. He hasn’t showed up on TV yet, has a slighter build than the rest and heavier eyelids. We fell in love with him at Odd Future’s first New York appearance in the basement of Webster Hall. He was the quietest one on the stage, looking in a swampy black tee something like a cross between Michael K. Williams, the ex-dancer who performed Omar on The Wire and a tiny Devin the Dude—sweet-faced always, foul and easy spirited deep down. “West Savannah” is a great Outkast song in part because it’s a teaching moment, easy to effortlessly rap along with and make look good. Mike G’s freestyle on Left Brain’s “Forest Green” instrumental is similar, a stand up track paced for anyone to jump in, still made special by a beat you don’t get tired of underneath clear and honeyed corn-syrup enunciation.

Download: Mike G, “Forest Green (Prod. Left Brain)

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  1. He was on T.V. when they were on the Woody Awards. He crowd surfed. Only Super 3 n Frank have been MIA from the TV

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