Wale f. Rick Ross and Jadakiss, “600 Benz” MP3


Whoa what is up with Jadakiss‘ voice? Has he been eating extra gravel in the morning or is this just what happens to everyone that gets sucked into Rick Ross‘ aggro vortex? Regardless, here is yet another song from the Maybach Music compilation—still devoid of any Gunplay—but coming off pretty strong based on the two tracks we’ve heard thus far.

Download: Wale f. Rick Ross and Jadakiss, “600 Benz”(via Nah Right)

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  1. toad says:

    wale is one of the biggest sellouts in hip-hop.

    don’t get me wrong, i love ross and the music he makes – for face value. wale was doing something significant and meaningful. oh and creative! the dude who made “artistic integrity” just made “600 benz.” poser.

  2. JS says:

    I feel what you sayin bro but Wale always been like that he is like a Nas he can get deep and he can also talk about flashy ni$&a ish…. You say you got alot homie I got a LOT. He is just being himself he isnt a poser fam

  3. DS says:

    @toad did you listen to the lyrics of that song when and where did he sound like a sellout I think your just hearing the beat for what that song is not the lyrics

  4. Tina says: